Curran-Bauer Training

Our motivating goal at Curran-Bauer Analytics is to offer rigorous yet accessible instructional workshops in applied data analysis and research methodology that are explicitly targeted to empirical researchers in the social, behavioral and health sciences. We place an equal balance on core aspects of the underlying statistical models and on the thoughtful application and interpretation of models fitted to real data using a variety of available software packages. In addition to our summer courses on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Longitudinal SEM, Cluster Analysis and Mixture Modeling, Multilevel Modeling, and Network Analysis, we also provide private seminars for organizations with specific training needs. Please contact us for details.

What Makes our Training Unique

A number of different organizations offer statistical training through the provision of workshops on advanced quantitative modeling approaches. However, we respectfully believe that we offer a variety of significant and unique advantages over these other training opportunities. We describe our areas of strength below, and you can also see them reflected in participants’ own words in their course reviews.

Depth of Experience

    • Patrick and DanPatrick Curran and students are intimately involved in the development and teaching of all workshops, bringing award-winning teaching experience, extensive content knowledge, and an applied-research orientation to each course.
    • We hold PhDs in different content areas (Dan in developmental psychology and Patrick in clinical psychology) and both completed post-doctoral fellowships in applied stastics. We thus bring unique perspectives to advanced research methods within the social and behavioral sciences.
    • With the exception of our short-course in Network Analysis, all of our workshops are co-taught; this provides participants with dual-perspectives on the course material and alternative explanations of similar concepts.
    • Because one of us is teaching at any given time, the other is available at all times for questions, sidebar discussions, and one-on-one consulting meetings provided as part of the workshop experience.

High Quality Support Materials

Convenient Venue with Historic Charm

    • Old WellWe have attended week-long workshops ourselves and deeply appreciate that the learning environment matters. As such, we make every effort to enhance your learning experience through our selection of venue and provision of other support services.
    • We hold our workshops in the Great Room located at the Top of the Hill Restaurant and (yes) Brewery, located at the historic intersection of Franklin Street and Columbia Street in downtown Chapel Hill and just steps from the campus of the University of North Carolina.
    • Dan and Patrick in Top of the HillOur location in downtown Chapel Hill is convenient to a number of excellent dining options and hotels, including the Hampton Inn and Suites of Carrboro/Chapel Hill, where we reserve room blocks for our participants.
    • Chapel Hill is a short 20 minute drive from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, making it eminently accessible for out-of-town participants.
    • We provide breakfast and snacks, and continuous beverage services to keep you caffeinated
    • To help you get to know us and one another, we hold a Happy Hour / Mixer on the first evening of each workshop, with hors d’oeuvres and the first drink on us.

In sum, although there are many alternative training opportunities in quantitative methods, we believe that we offer a superior training experience that will provide you with the practical tools to conduct your own research at the highest levels possible.